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Does this sound familiar?

You are tired of working for someone else - and you're ready to be your own boss.

You are underpaid and undervalued - and you want more control over your time and finances.

You have big dreams - and an even bigger heart to make them happen.

You know this opportunity can change your life - you just need help getting started or getting unstuck.

You believe in yourself and your company - but your sales skills could use some help.

You don't want to annoy your family and friends - and you need to reach new markets to build your team.

You know your ideal customers are out there - you just need to reach them.

You are tired of spinning your wheels alone - and you are ready to grow a strong team.

And you don't want to waste any more time trying to figure it all out by yourself...

I totally get it.

Friend, I've been there.

And it only took me 7 years, lots of trial and error, hours and hours of learning, and lots of money investing in my own personal growth to turn my $208 investment into a $3.5 million business.

Now it's my mission to help you learn from my mistakes and my successes so that you can skyrocket your business TODAY.

I created this 5-Day Challenge to help you PUSH through fears, take ACTION, and completely CHANGE your life with your business opportunity.

It's time to take action.

So, Who's Behind the Challenge?

Hi, I'm Samantha Sagot!

I'm a Doctor of Chiropractic, a Serial Entrepreneur, and a Mentor to over 10,000 people. In less than 7 years, I turned a $208 investment into a $3.5 million business - all while graduating from Chiropractic School, paying off all my debt, and moving across the country.

My heart is for empowering entrepreneurs and dreamers like YOU to learn how to Serve, Sell, and Live Well.

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I thought so :) 

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