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It all started when my eyes were opened to something different, something that’s far from the ‘norm’, and something that takes little money, lots of effort, but can lead to incredible success. Direct Sales. The best decision I ever made was saying "YES". Trying out this different kind of lifestyle has led to unlimited possibilities and a life by design before the age of 30. 

What drew me in? Opportunity. That is all I saw when I decided to give direct sales a try. See, I have always been that kind of woman who tends to envision things before others can. I saw the opportunity to pay off my $200,000 of student loans faster, opportunity to have time freedom, opportunity to help others have more and become more, opportunity to impact the world. With that being said, I knew if I could SEE it then I could DO it. 

Worth it? 100%. Although this journey has never been easy, it has always been worth it. Therefore, I have decided it’s time to not only help others see the value of their own businesses but feel the value, too. To be successful, all you need is to be surrounded by the right people, learn how to effectively work the basics of your business, and be held accountable to your goals. 

Together we are BETTER. So let’s lock arms, shoot for the stars, and live our dreams. 


Let your smile change the world.
Don't let the world change your smile.